Ethiopia: Hamar Mission & Church Plants

Since 1986 Takele Sigiso has been committed to serve God and his people full time in Ethiopia. God gave him a vision to begin a ministry to the Hamar people group who live in southern Ethiopia near the borders of South Sudan and Kenya.


Ethiopia: Hamar Mission & Church Plants Last updated: 28-02-2013

The nearest city is Jinka which is about 850 km from Addis Ababa. The work itself is centred on a small village called Bitta witht he nearest town being Turmi.

These people are totally unreached whose standard of living may be described as extremely basic and are mostly isolated from the rest of the world. The primary language is Hamar with very few being able to read or write with less than 1% knowing Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia.

Since 2001 Takele and some volunteers have been teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ to hundreds of people in the area around Turmi and Bita through one to one evanelism, open air meetings and drama. They have also served them through the provision of medicine, food, water, training, teaching,and other helps.

During the first five or six years there have been about 25 decisions to receive Christ with several miraculous healings. Increasingly, during this time, Takele has not only been accepted for who he is but also as a friend. with an usual love and openness.

Recently a school has been established at Bitta catering for up to 30 students with two teachers, and an assistant teacher.
Takele's ultimate goal in God is to have proclaimed Christ to everyone in the area so that each person has an opportunity hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. In so doing he should like to start child care groups, give training about harmful traditional practices and to plant a church among this society. In doing so he hopes for God to bring transformation and new life, spiritually, physically, socially, mentally, academically, as fully as possible.

Mission updates:
Ethiopia: Hamar Mission & Church Plants

  • 28/02/2013 - Bitta First School in Hamar region of Ethiopia
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