Living for Christ in Finland, Norway & Ethiopia
By Karina Bjork


Karina Bjork Posted on 01/07/2011


Karina visited the fellowship at the end of May 2001 from Norway. She was born in Finland and lives in Norway. In 1998 she became a Christian and this is how it happened in her own words.

When I met Jesus that was a very special moment. In 1998, after I had moved to Norway, I was invited by a friend who worked in a Church to go on a special weekend with her. I had never seen people prayed for before by having hands laid on them. A woman became filled with the Holy Spirit next to me, at first I wondered if she was ill, but after a while I understood that she was not sick. I became curious about what was happening and decided to stay the whole week end.

I waited two days then I called home in Finland and told my mother about meeting JESUS. She said that I would get over it, but it is now three years later and that has not happened. At work they found out the first day that I had become a Christian and met JESUS. I told everybody and there were different reactions, some just said it was good, others took a step back and were just staring. I now have a hunger for knowing more about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, reading God’s word, the Bible, as much as I can.

1 John Chapter 3 verses 1-3
During 2000 Karina did her Discipleship Training Course with as they say in Norway, and as part of the course went to Ethiopia for the first time. She has since spent two longer periods working with YWAM there, the first from Sept 2001 until June 2002 and the second from September 2002 until May 2003. She spent most of her time in Addis Abeba and a small town called Kofele about 250 miles south of Addis. Among other things, she has been involved in teaching children, caring for dying people and church planting. The picture above was taken in Addis during her 2001-2002 time there.

Vineyard Church in Sykkylven near Ålesund in western Norway.


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