A Minister's Daughter
By Jean Kirkham


Jean Kirkham Posted on 01/07/2011


Jean has been a part of the fellowship here in Westhoughton from when she was married. She says that God has been good to her for 67 years and she explains how, in her own words......



When I was young
I was brought up in a Christian home, and my father was a pastor of various churches; consequently I have lived 
in different parts of the country. 

 I was taken to church from being two weeks old and now, 67 years later, I am still going! As I look back over my life, I can truly say God has been so good to me.  

I was married to Arthur in 1957 and had a wonderfully happy marriage. Sadly, Arthur died with cancer in 1999, this was the worst day of my life. I just did not know how I could live without him. However, I am so thankful that I know Jesus Christ in a personal way, because all I could do was to ask God to help me through this terrible time, and he certainly did. He has been my strength and comfort, my helper and companion these last four years.

Never alone when you know God
 It says in Isaiah chapter 54 verse 5 that the Lord will be a husband to the widow, and this has been so true in my life since Arthur died. There are times when I feel very lonely, but I know I am never really on my own because God has promised he will never leave me or forsake me.  

I have had some testings and trials but God has brought me through, and he will do same for you if you will let him into your life.

Jean is the daughter of William Hacking, pastor and author


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