Sickness overcome through joy
By Harry Knee


Harry Knee Posted on 01/07/2011


Harry lived on the Westhoughton side of Bolton with his wife Jean, here he relates in his own words how sickness was overcome with a revelation of joy……….



God was ignored at home 
When I was a boy my parents did not profess any Christian faith, so I was never encouraged to go to church or Sunday school. If religious services came on the radio, my Father would change the station immediately. He also did not think it was necessary for me to be christened as a baby.

Morning school assemblies, and short bible stories did have an influence on me, and I believed in God and in Jesus Christ, but that was as far as it went. I only prayed when I got into a tight corner, after which I did not give God another thought. Occasionally when staying with my Grandma I would go to church with her, but it bored me and seemed so dull that I was pleased when it was over.

Tuberculosis at 10 years old 
When I was ten years old I contracted Tuberculosis in both lungs which meant that I had to go into a sanatorium for a long period. So for the next ten years, I was in and out of hospital. When I was fifteen years old I was waiting for admission to hospital, and feeling very depressed because of it. I was invited to go for prayer to a Pentecostal Church in Yorkshire . So the following Sunday I went, thinking I have nothing to lose.

A lovely atmosphere
When I arrived, I was very surprised to see that everybody seemed so happy and joyful, but I did not understand much of what the preacher said at that time, even so, it was wonderful to be there in such a lovely atmosphere. The friendliness of the people was a sermon in it’s self.  

I didn’t rush out when it was over but was pleased to linger. At the end of the service the Pastor prayed for me, but there was no immediate cure, and I did have to go into the sanatorium.

I went into hospital a different person, because something had happened to me, I had become a Christian. I had asked Jesus Christ to come into my life. I did not know that was the prayer he was waiting to hear. I discovered later through reading the bible that he stands at the door of every heart and knocks, waiting to be invited in. He makes it so easy for anyone to come to him. When I went in hospital this time, I went in with hope and a new found faith in God.

Discovering a close relationship
I discovered that being a Christian is having a close relationship with God as my heavenly Father, who loves with an unconditional everlasting love, and knowing his son, Jesus Christ, who took the punishment for my sin and everyone else’s, at Calvary. Also, he gives his Holy Spirit to all Christian Believers and he lives within our hearts to comfort, strengthen, help and guide. At twenty years of age I was finally free from the tuberculosis, and wanting to get on with my life.

I was twenty one when I finally started work, after which I met and married my wife, who had recently become a Christian. We were later blessed with three sons and one daughter I am now sixty eight years old, and we have had many things to contend  with, but I am glad that I have had Jesus Christ in my life all through the years.

After suffering a long illness, Harry left us to be home with the Lord on the 29th January 2013, Before he died he anticipated with joy his final end being with the Lord for ever where his family knew he would be released from the pain of his illness. We rejoice in his testimony, knowing where he is and thankful for a life of dedication to the Lord and his love for all people, especially for those in Christ.


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