The man with two lives
By Eddie Sheehan


Eddie Sheehan Posted on 01/07/2011


If you asked Eddie about his life, one reply might be, “Which one?”  For Eddie would tell you he has had two lives and that the life he has now is nothing like the life of the ‘old’ Eddie Sheehan...

Life One
Eddie used to work as a scaffolder on building sites. He took to drinking heavily and stealing, and then, his marriage went wrong. As Eddie considered his life, he became deeply depressed, went out into the back garden and slashed his wrists.

As he bled, his sister came and found him, just in time and immediately rushed him to hospital, where the doctor asked, “Who brought him in? He had only two minutes to live....” 


When he recovered, he started working on a building site in Penwortham near Preston. One day, at lunchtime, one of his fellow workers was sat near by reading his Bible.  He asked Eddie, “Do you know where you’re going when you die?”

Eddie answered saying that he hoped he’d go to heaven.. His mate showed him places in the Bible which convinced Eddie that he was on the wrong road.

Eddie was so anxious that week he couldn’t work. The week after he discussed this with another Christian mate on the site. As they talked, Eddie got the same message: he was definitely on the wrong road.

Life Two
At that point, immediately, Eddie Sheehan gave his life to Jesus. “Old things have passed away, and all things became new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

The ‘new’ Eddie has travelled into prisons and other venues, telling men how to find life. Eddie and his wife, Rose, have  led many to Jesus Christ.

Recently, Rose died, but nevertheless, though Eddie misses Rose immensely, he is strengthened in knowing that not only is she in a far better place with the Lord, but knows with assurance that one day, not only will he see Rose again but meet the Saviour whom he loves and serves.

This Saviour, Jesus Christ, can be yours today and no-one is beyond his love. Maybe this is your opportunity for him to enter your life today. He is knocking all you need to do is invite him in.


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